Chairman's visit to Finland Schools

In a short period of 3 decades Finland has transformed their education system from being one of the low rankers to becoming the number 1 ranked education system of the world consistently, and is now widely regarded as the cynosure of most academicians.

With a view to study the Finnish education system and imbibe and implement the best practices at Podar Schools, our Chairman, Mr. Raghav Podar visited pre-schools and high schools across Finland meeting with students, teachers, heads of schools and dignitaries from the Education Ministry and National Board of Education.

In Mr. Podar's words, "One of the most fundamental eye-openers was how Finnish schools really take student centred and hands-on real life learning to the next level. Happiness is another big component that permeates through the teaching learning process with all the key stakeholders - management, teachers and students. The competition is between a student's owns past and current performance to measure how much each child has progressed."

Many of the pedagogies and teaching styles are now a regular feature of Podar World Schools and Podar Jumbo Kids.