Glory of India Award - 2016

It is time to stand and cheer for the doer, the achiever, the one who recognizes the challenge and goes out and makes a difference.

The International Conference on “Celebrating Global Indians” was held in Bangkok to honour the Outstanding achievements and Global service of Indians across the world who epitomize the national spirit through superlative contributions, making India proud.

Chairman of Podar World Schools, Mr. Raghav Podar received the "Glory of India Award" at this International conference.

Mr. Raghav Podar on accepting the award said “I receive this award with great humility and realize that with such recognition comes greater responsibility, not only to continue striving for excellence, but to be the torch bearer of educational institutions nurturing the future of our country and creating citizens that will lead the world.”

The award is a testimony to the persistent dedication and commitment of the Chairman of Podar World Schools, towards excellence and furthers the vision of their Founder President of Trust, Shri. Mahatma Gandhi.