Participation in Mind Mingle....Inspirational Festival at IIM Ahmedabad - 2016

Creative conversation on the Future of Schools……… Reachout to the Teacher within you…………
Discover the Reach of our student………….. Live within the Reach of your Inner self……
The only way to Teach is to Reach was the essence of the Inspiration Festival. The Session was inaugurated with Welcome Performance of Raag…………A Passionate visioner who wished to introduce Jazz music in Schools.

  1. Mr. Aaron Eden shared his experiences on “Educating for a Sustainable future.”
    His topic: “Flipping the Script: Why emergence & not knowing are the future of Education?
    We Learnt about Experiential learning, Designing Learning for self, A whole new mind, Are we Creating Robots or Humans at School? He was successful in inspiring us to Reflect on our practices.
    My Gratitude to Aaron……
  2. “What does it mean to Love our Children?” presented by Kiran Bir Sethi.
    Children are not the future of our Country, Children are the “Super Power” of Today……..
    They are the Creative, Empathetic, Collaborative Leaders of tomorrow.
  3. Lession No.1
    Contegious is a good word. If we are happy……. They are happy……..Age has nothing to do with the competencies was a new refreshing learning.

    Lession No.2
    You can be serious about your Hobby…… Passion with Compassion was just great expressions.

    Lession No.3
    Listen………Listen………..Listen……. Instead of……Talk…….......Talk….…………Talk…..……….

    Lession No.4
    Marks ≠ Passion. Children are Markable or Remarkable?

    Lession No.5
    Practice what you Preach. Walk the Talk. Children are with us for 15 years, what a massive opportunity for us. Engage with life, Design for change, Not Competition but complete each other. Her Vibrant message was contiguous.

  4. “From Education to CREducation” by the most Hilarious speaker Mr. Inderpal Singh who was very very successful in Inspiring the audience not only using brilliant vocabulary but his vibes were just awesome. Something straight from the heart….. all about what do we do in the name of Creativity at the School platform. He mesmerized the arena at IIM Conventional Education creates Barriers. It’s a time to Move……. & to make Education CREducation by providing opportunities for our Students to Imagine.
  5. Roman Stearns inspired all by his presentation on “Transforming Schools is hard work. Where do I start?” He focused on – “How we teach is more important than what we teach”. Teachers are our greatest assets. We must invest in them, in their happiness, schools must create safe & supportive environment. Schools need skilled & compassionate leaders, schools also have to celebrate Humanity.
  6. Amishi Doshi talked about “Isha Home School – A place to blossom”.
  7. Aditi Gupta from Menstrupedia threw light on – “A non taboo way of talking about periods”. How schools can present the menstruation among young girls in a positive & scientific way. It was very informative.
  8. Dr. Pankaj Jain shared his “Gyanshala Approach to School Education”…. Where children do not come to school but the school goes to the children. Very respectful work for the rural India.
  9. A Vibrant History teacher vMr. Vikramjit Singh Rooprai presented a topic “Where did we go wrong in teaching history. Schools have contributed a lot in making history a boring subject. They have changed the History to His-tory…. Was a true inspirational message. With good clarity he shared that History is for Relevance, Reasoning & Rhythm. But Schools have changed – Relevance to Rumors, Reasoning to Rectification & Rhythm to Religion. He inspired Principals & Teachers to change History to Heritage. Salute to a most passionate educator.
  10. Santhya Vikram talked about “Celebrating the Magic of Childhood”, she was inspired by the book “Totochan” & has established a school called “Yellow Train” with no curriculum & no black board. A School founded on love for children. I care, I can & I will are the three magical words. She believes that ability comes by doing so create opportunities, change competition to competence. We all came from a place of Abundance. It is easiest to build strong children than to repair an adult. Her message on Happy Teachers will change the world….touched the hearts.
  11. Ishita Katiyal, a ten year old child talked to the audience about, “Living in the present to create a better future. Truly it was the Inspiration Festival……… My Gratitude to our New Age Chairman Shri. Raghav Podar for cherishing this space of learning…..Space of Inspiration……
  12. Thank you very much for gifting us the most intellectual day.