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Recent CSR

Podar's commitment to needy causes has always being an on-going exercise, ensuring that the future of the children is never mortgaged, due to lack of initiative or funds. Recently, the Podar's have participated in ensuring that 'flowers' bloom no matter who they are.
  • 'Rahat' Programme of the 'Shaheed' police Constable's parents or his wife...
  • Dr. Vijaya Wad went to ‘Patrakar Bhavan’ alongwith 8 Students and 6 Teachers of Podar Schools. Dr. Vandana Lulla also attended the programme. Following are the names of the ‘Shahid’ Jawans relatives who collected the cheques of Rs. 1 Lakh each.
    1. Shradha Khandekar - Wife of Late Mr. Vijay Khandekar
    2. Shivaji F. Patil - Father of Late Mr. Yogesh Patil
    3. Manisha Arun Chitte - Wife of Late Mr. Arun Chitte
    4. Snehalata Murlidhar Choudhari - Wife of Late Mr. Muralidhar Chudhari
    5. Kalpana Ambadas Pawar - Wife of Late Mr. Ambadas Pawar
    6. Bhikaji Lakhu Jadhav - Fathe of Late Mr. Mahesh B. Jadhav
    7. Pratibha J. Patil - Wife of Late Mr. Jaywant Patil
    8. Parents of Late Mr. Tukaram Owale
    Every relative had tears of gratitude in their eyes for the goodwork done by PEC Children.
  • Donation given by AGPS To Akhil Bhartiya Balkumar Sahitya Sammelan...
  • The Sammelan will be in Sangli on 28th, 29th, 30th Dec 2007. Dr. Wad will be the Chairperson for this Sammelan. Around ten thousand children will attend this literary activity.
    Datta Shri. Tol
    Trustee, Akhil Bhartiya
    Balkumar Sahitya Sammelan
    Dr. Vijaya Wad
    Sr. Educational Consultant
    Hina Shah
  • One Thousand Watt Smiles...
  • The parents of the Podar schools (along with the management), initiated a unique project - the adoption of 1000 tribal girls.

    The ‘Human capital cell’ ideated the plan in concert with the Principals of Podar Schools to help 1000 tribal girls in Maharashtra who were deprived of educational opportunities.

    The Chief minister of Maharashtra, Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh distributed kits etc. to some of the tribal girls on International Women’s Day ( 8th March).
  • Helping The Challenged
  • Podar School- students, teachers and parents have always had a soft corner for visually and hearing impaired children and have devised systems to integrate their education along with normal students.

    Visually Challenged girl students decorated palms of parents with a wide range of ‘mehandi’ designs and entertained them with a medley of songs and music.

    The event helped collect Rs.1,21,000/- from parents and students within just two hours.

    Podars matched it with a donation of Rs.1,11,000/- to help give wings to the project.

    Further larger funding is being worked out.

  • When Life Is Washed Away...
  • 26th July a day Mumbai will never forget. The skies opened. A city was paralysed. Loss to property and life was immense. The metropolis responded. Salaam Mumbai.

    The flood also destroyed thousand of homes. Life was put on hold. Student of Podar vernacular schools living in the slums were affected. 150 of our Student lost everything in the floods.

    Other Podar school Student, teacher and parent - adopted 150 Student for year and the entire exercise was executed in just three days - an example of how reaching out to the unfortunate can be an exciting commitment.